Advantages of a Gas Fired Radiant Infrared Heated Residential Garage

August 15, 2016

Heating your garage with a gas fired radiant infrared heater has many advantages.  It will extend your work space though out the year and into the winter months with the efficiency of a gas fired radiant infrared tube heater. Heating with radiant infrared heat over a forced air is crucial to your savings, in most cases 30% to 50% and have seen up to 70% in engineered designed spaces! 

With a gas fired radiant infrared heater it heats your garage just like the sun by heating the objects and floor and puts the heat where you want it near the floor.

Gas Fired Radiant Infrared Heated Garage Advantages:

Residential Serengeti-IR Gas Fired Radiant Infrared Tube Heater

  • Superior Efficiency
  • Lower Operating Costs
  • No moving air
  • No open Flames
  • Warms Floors
  • Dry Floors
  • Lowering Humidity Levels
  • Faster heat recovery when you open and close the garage door

Forced Air Heating System Disadvantages:

  • You are heating the air, this leads to slower heat recovery times when you open and close your garage door.
  • You are moving air around your garage and can be bad for some of the projects and expensive equipment that you have
  • Higher Heating Costs
  • Higher Maintenance Costs
  • Can Increase the Humidity and or Dew point
  • Forced-air systems can take longer to heat up, especially in larger spaces
  • Forced-air systems heat the air in a room and then distribute it through vents or ducts. This process can be less efficient because the heated air can escape through leaks or poorly insulated ducts, and the system may have to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature.

Remember it is easier to work in a heated garage then a cold garage and if you are going to heat it heat it right with Radiant Infrared Heat!